Crate with lid mold

Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd have just got an order from a Korean customer to make new crate mold and its lid mold. With our rich experience in manufacturing such mold, Xs Plastic Mould have no any difficult to make crate mold and crate lid mold.crate lid mould

Crate Lid Mould

crate lid mold
Crate Lid Mold

Crate lid mold design just  ready. Core and cavity are inserts design. This kind of design in order to extend mold life.


Crate Mold
Crate Mold
crate mould
Crate Mould

Good mold design is good start for new moulds project. Only professional plastic mold factory like Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd can insure your molds quality. Welcome to contact Xs Plastic Mould to make crate mold and other molds.