Ready cable tie mould for sale

Ready cable tie mould sizes

Above ready cable tie moulds available for sale.

Moulds are new and with good quality condition.

Ready cable tie mould- 2.5*100mm 120 cavity

Cable ties are straight tail.

Ready cable tie mould- 3*150mm 72 cavity

100 cavity and 60 cavity cable tie moulds are ready packed for shipment today.

Cable tie mould

XS Plastic Mould Co. , Ltd is famous for the cable tie moulds manufacturing in the oversea market. Our cable tie moulds with high quality and very competitive price.

100 cavity cable tie mould

3.6*150mm, 100cavity, angled tail, cold runner. After many years experience in manufacturing cable tie moulds and some years study on this kindly of mould, now the cold runner design was highly improved. With our new design cold runner, cable ties are easier to be full filling during injection molding the cable ties.

60 cavity cable tie mould

6.0*270mm, cold runner, 60 cavity. Both moulds are ready for shipment. And we packed these two sets mould today, and just wait client to inform us to ship the mould.

Cable tie mold

Cable tie mold wrapped with plastic film to anti-rust during transportation. And pack the mould inside of the wooden case.

PA66 material for the cable tie mould

Cable ties injection moulding need correct brand PA66 material, then can be got good quality injection parts.

Some client use above brand PA66 mateiral to produce cable ties. But we don’t have detail model no.

In China, we widely use Shenma PA66, model no. EPR27 to inject molding cable ties.

India friends can contact Next Polymers Ltd for the PA66 material cable tie grade. Their detail contact information please search by

Crate with lid mold

Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd have just got an order from a Korean customer to make new crate mold and its lid mold. With our rich experience in manufacturing such mold, Xs Plastic Mould have no any difficult to make crate mold and crate lid mold.crate lid mould

Crate Lid Mould

crate lid mold
Crate Lid Mold

Crate lid mold design just  ready. Core and cavity are inserts design. This kind of design in order to extend mold life.


Crate Mold
Crate Mold

crate mould
Crate Mould

Good mold design is good start for new moulds project. Only professional plastic mold factory like Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd can insure your molds quality. Welcome to contact Xs Plastic Mould to make crate mold and other molds.

New cable tie molds order

2018 Chinese new year holiday was just gone. Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd have just got some new cable tie molds orders from client. We appreciate clients’ trust.

cable tie mold steel
Cable Tie Mold Steel

Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd purchase the cable tie molds steel from the supplier which we have long time cooperated. In this case we can insure the mold steel and steel delivery time.

cable tie mold steel
Cable Tie Mold Steel

Cable tie mold steel need to be done vacuum quenching hardening treatment. But not same with other molds that steel hardening treated after rough tooling. Due to cable ties sizes are small and there are many teath on the cable ties, the sizes on the mold need to be very precise. And vacuum quenching hardening treatment will create slight deforming on the steel. So cable tie mold steel need to be vacuum quenching hardening treated before mold tooling.

cable tie mold EDW tooling
Cable Tie Mold EDW Tooling

The first tooling process for the cable tie mold is the EDW tooling (wire cutting tooling).

Cable tie mold EDM tooling
Cable Tie Mold EDM Tooling

EDM tooling is the key tooling process, due to all the teeth of the cable ties are tooled by this process. So this is most important process.